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Where students are evaluated and placed according to their academic capabilities, not age.

For a student is never too young or old to study the IGCSE O Levels programme.

Q Academy is an IGCSE centre located in Taman Tun D Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Founded in 2012, Q Academy has helped more than 90% of its students to score distinctions in IGCSE exams. 96% of Q Academy students graduated to further their studies at colleges and universities, both local and international. They studied or are studying medicine, dentistry, psychology, law, engineering, architecture, accountancy, Game Development, Culinary Arts and other degree or diploma programmes. At least 26% of these students received scholarships and awards.

A school is only as good as its teachers and for that, Q Academy is proud of its teaching team for its loyalty, passion and dedication. They believe in nurturing students through positive reinforcement and heaps of encouragement. Most of our teachers have more than 10 years teaching experience and are either professionals or possess Master’s degrees. Except for a couple of teachers, the others have been teaching at Q Academy for more than 5 years.

Q Academy likes to keep its class size small so every student would enjoy sufficient attention and guidance from teachers. This also means teachers are able to establish a strong understanding and rapport with their students. This low teacher student ratio (1:10) helps students to maximise their potential. Students who prove themselves capable may be double promoted as Q Academy believes that students should not be held back.

Q Academy also recognises that some students thrive on academic challenges and as such, offer fast track paths for both primary and secondary students. Throughout our 7 years, we have seen many of our students sit their IGCSE exams at the young age of 14 or 15 years old.

Finally, Q Academy understands that each child is unique and learns differently. Its academic programme is flexible in that it allows students to select IGCSE subjects best suited to their interest and strengths. In addition, there is no cap on the number of subjects or sittings that a student would like choose to achieve their IGCSE O Levels.

Educating The Mind Without Educating The Heart Is No Education

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