Due to the Corona pandemic, most schools and colleges have implemented online classes. As many educators lacked the experience of conducting online classes, they battled daily with the various challenges which arose.

Meanwhile, Q Akademi has switched effortlessly to online classes, offering the following benefits to its students

E-Learning Classrooms

E- Class Work


Maximum 12 students to ensure individual attention and guidance.

“One link/ One Click per day”

  -  Stress-free class link identity   
  -  Hassle-free class transition

Virtual safety due to online security system.

After school support for students by dedicated and experienced teachers.

  • Customised suite of tools to help students and teachers save time and work efficiently.

   These tools :

  • Assess and monitor students via 

   online tests, quizzes, assignments, presentations and projects.

  • Track submission time and due dates of students’ work.

  • Provides prompt marking and grading.

  • Helps teachers track students’ progress.

  • Helps teachers provide students feedback on work submitted.

  • Teach students time management.

  • Helps students keep track of their homework as details and due dates are provided.

  • Can ‘gamify’ quizzes and lessons to add fun and excitement to classes.

A library is an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools, be it physical or virtual. To support and enhance their learning experience, Q Akademi students have access to :


  • Past Year Exam Papers

  • Teaching Notes

  • Teaching Videos

  • Reading Material

  • Puzzles and Games

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Our Teachers

Alex Lit

Biology and Chemistry

A very experienced Biology and Chemistry teacher, Alex’s teaching style is fastidious, diligent and no-nonsensical. Alex provides concise and meticulous notes which help students in their exam revision. As such, his students have often surpassed their own expectations of high grades. Having taught for more than 10 years, Alex’s track record is most admirable.


Business Studies and ICT

Subra moved from the management side of the education field to focus on teaching as he wanted to make a difference with the younger generation. This is because as a student, Subra used to have a teacher whom he often turned to for much needed advice and guidance in his studies and personal challenges and this made a great difference in his life. He feels that as a teacher, he can ‘pay it forward’ by building caring relationships with his students. As such, about 7 years ago, Subra decided to be a teacher who makes a difference in more ways than one.

Yong Yin Poh


The oldest and most experienced teacher having chalked up more than 40 teaching years, Yin Poh patiently explains every word and phrase in Comprehension passages. Her patience and compassion are also extended to teaching at Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, Refugee Learning Centre and POTTER. POTTER is an online teaching progamme to educate the rural community. Yin Poh has been with Q Academy for 7 years.

Eugene Joseph


Eugene is more than a mere teacher as he uses his psychology degree to identify different teaching approaches to meet students’ various learning abilities, including children with learning challenges. His psychology training also makes him an ideal advisor and counsellor to our students – a popular big brother of sorts. Eugene has more than 10 years of teaching experience which incudes online classes. This collective experience helps Eugene deliver effective, interesting and fun English classes. Eugene has been with Q Academy for 6 years.

Siti Siryani Sofian

Add Maths and Mathematics

On track to graduate with a Master in Science (Math) this year, Siti has at least 6 years of teaching experience under her belt. Her pleasant, patient and sweet-natured demeanour makes her a very popular Maths and Add Maths teacher. Siti’s greatest satisfaction comes from seeing students transit from zero to hero; when they get that light bulb moment after understanding her teaching.

Nafisah Almisriah

Malay and Travel & Tourism

An engineer who started tutoring for fun, Misha subsequently discovered that teaching is not only fun but also fulfilling, especially when her students achieved good grades. However, Misha is now no longer excited by news of her students’ wonderful achievements. Her happiness and satisfaction now come from getting her students to enjoy the learning process. Misha’s dedication and passion has benefited Q Academy for the last 6 years.

Wong Kok Full

Combined Science

Wong has been teaching and tutoring for more than 10 years, even whilst studying in the university. Although Wong is an engineer, he chose teaching as a career as he prefers working with youngsters to machines. He likes encouraging students to learn for personal growth and knowledge, and not just for the sake of scoring distinctions. Wong is another one of our kind and giving teachers who finds time to teach dyslexic and underprivileged children.



One of our longest serving teachers, Shiva has more than 17 years of experience of teaching , of which 8 years were with Q Academy. To Shiva, teaching is a passion and a natural flair; it is not a career but a calling. As such, his students enjoy his Maths and Physics classes as he teaches beyond textbooks. Shiva is a kind and gentle soul especially when teaching students who have learning challenges.



Chong Xin Tian
Year 8 Student

I had problems with maths but what really surprised me was that within a month of transferring to Q Akademi, I  improved tremendously! The small class size was, I believe, a contributing factor. It is because the teachers are able to monitor everybody’s learning progress individually.

Balqis Elmira
Year 11 Student

I was so happy when Q Akademi offered me the opportunity to fast track my education. The principal told me that I was under no pressure to join Level 10 as I was only 13. But I was kiasu enough to want to make the jump (lol). The teachers were with me all the way, providing encouragement and support. The best part is I will be enrolling in college at the same time as my older brother. In your face, big bro!

At Q Academy, my daughter learned to be more confident, outspoken and independent. The knowledgeable teachers were more friends than educators. Fewer students in each class not only made the learning experience enjoyable for her, it also ensured individual attention was given to each student. Lillian, the principal is organised, focused and able to adapt well to the changing trends of young people. Whilst being strict, she has the ability to deal with difficult situations effectively. I have no hesitation in recommending Q Academy to parents wanting a well-rounded educational experience for their children!                                            - Oliver Amirharaj (Parent)

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